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каркасный дом чертежи

JessepMique (27.05.2020 16:22:28)
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RichardCal (27.05.2020 09:42:13)
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финские каркасные дома

Ryanasargup (27.05.2020 06:16:05)
Какая талантливая мысль

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личный кабинет - Обзор

Timothysom (27.05.2020 03:02:32)

Assay, just a investigation

VernonMib (26.05.2020 22:25:25)
Small councils reliant on government hand outs are not alone in lagging behind, the study points out. About 25 per cent of councils rely largely on private sector funding, and only 1.4 per cent rely on direct expenditure from taxpayers, compared to a national average of 6 per cent.

The average council spends just over £3 million on its police or fire service each year, the study found.

It cited figures published in January by the Government on behalf of the London Mayor's Department, which suggested that London could spend up to £14 million a year on public safety. The cost would, according to the study, come to about £1 billion in 2035-35.

"Councils spend their own money to ensure the safety and comfort of residents, while the rest of the government provides money at a time when we desperately need it," said Mr Justice Sweeney.

Councils spend on crime prevention on average 10.6 per cent more than average taxpayers, according to the analysis.

The report warned that by 2010-11 only 7 per cent of UK councils were working towards reducing crime. It said that only 4 per cent were able to do this with the money they had available.

In other areas in the government analysis, including crime reduction, funding for councils to improve transport and road safety, and to deal with the problem of housing shortages were "severely compromised", the report says.

The report says that a third of the £500 million needed for crime reduction is now spent on a single element of transport and road safety, rather than working on tackling the other 19 areas or components of crime prevention.

More than half of the cuts, it says, go on crime prevention.

"There are two distinct problems: on top of the lack of public sector funding, we are spending less on crime prevention; and the public sector is spending less money than it was before the financial crisis, yet police and fire forces are only being offered a tiny fraction of what they were in 2010."

A total of 14 per cent of cuts are in areas such as health and education. Other areas of the government analysis are missing by at least three percentage points from the analysis.

The report also shows that many councils are making financial commitments on other issues, such as the number of police officers.

Protocol of rural town doctors not up to standard'

An official in the town of Khirbet Khura, in Iran's northwestern Kermanshah province, told the Guardian on condition of anonymity that he spoke to people who said a village doctor refused to provide treatment for gunshot wounds, because he wasn't from the village.

"He said it was the 'new norm' in rural areas, to have no physician on duty," the official said.

"We tried to visit his office but we failed. He had no idea how to do the procedure – all he could do was say it was 'the new norm'. It was clear he wasn't educated.

"This is something that was done a long time ago – we are not living in the post-revolutionary era but there are no good physicians in rural areas."

The same official added that the only way doctors could be trained was to work in the area under the Iran's Islamic republic.

In Khirbet Khura, about 25 miles from the border with Turkey, a family of four lives with the village doctor, who serves his village on a fixed, one-year contract.

The hospital's name means "doctor of doctors", which could point to some connections to the Islamic republic. It also is in proximity to a former US military base and an area that has seen repeated attacks against doctors, though the official said there was nothing "previously unknown" about the attacks.

Mohammad Saha, an independent doctor in Khirbet Khura, said the doctor, who had been running the clinic for six years, has "no idea what it is to be a doctor". The doctor did not know the village and had never been there, he said.

Saha also added that the doctor was working on a fixed, annual contract in the area.

"What he said was shocking," he said. "He said, 'I am providing basic medical care, but not for anyone else'. Is this all he's doing? How can you be a doctor if you don't give treatment for anything? I cannot understand."

Nawaz Sattar, a medical doctor in Khirbet Khura, said locals who saw the clinic were shocked. The man had not been educated, he said.

"It is not right that someone who doesn't know is working on a fixed contract in a town," said Sattar. "To be frank, I don't understand how anyone can get to this state. How is that? There is a shortage of medical doctors in Iran. How can you have a doctor if you don't care for anything?"

Fears that doctors in rural areas could be victims of political violence have recently flared up with allegation

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ArnoldJaite (26.05.2020 20:33:09)
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Davidvon (26.05.2020 18:15:45)
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